Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lifestyle of the Rich & Famous

So, after years of bragging that it was only a matter of time, on Sunday, I finally managed to climb the social ladder and mingle with a better class of people. "Hobnob with the elite", I think the professional term is. I've discovered that Red Carpet Film Premieres are a great deal of awesome, especially when you're only slightly less famous than the "celebrities" that are actually paid to be there. To the extent where we managed to cut in front of at least one Home and Away star without realising who the hell he was, AND almost being intrviewed by several frazzled looking reporters who'd given up on recognising anyone of note. Almost being the key word. Sadly, I couldn't convince anyone that they wanted my autograph- not even when I offered to sign some ladies boob for free. True, the lady was Patty Newton, but still. She could have been polite and said yes- would it have killed her?

Apart from going to see the premiere of Tomorrow, When the War Began, the other purpose of the trip was to snag myself a famous boyfriend, but that didn't really go so well. Which is probably good, because my non-celebrity boyfriend may have had some issues, but it's early days yet- the less he knows about me the better, I feel. And it doesn't count as cheating if there's fame involved. Pretty sure that's a law somewhere (can we get a reference for that?)

But what of the film? I adored it! I'm not usually a fan of action movies (they stress me out, and subsequently age me prematurely) but this one was REALLY good- and not in that way where you say "really good for an Australian movie", in that patronising sense where you're really saying it was a bit shit but you feel you should support it anyway, but actually, genuinely, a great movie! It did further drive home the fact that I'm far too impressionable for my own good when I came home and started googling molotov cocktails so I could be as cool as Ellie, but beyond that, it was fabulous. I can't believe it was filmed so close to here, either. Parkhill NEEDS to get our asses into gear to become extras in the next one, assuming the first does well enough. Even in the Show Ground, just so we could say we were. Actually, I suppose we could always just lie and tell people we were in this one? I mean... we were totally in this one. Look close, you can see Sarah in the chase scene!

There was one scene where two characters discuss the fact that books are generally FAR better than movie adaptations which I thought was kind of brave (because imagine if the film had sucked- you'd look pretty stupid having pointed that shit out) but apart from that, it was a really intelligent, genuinely suspenseful movie. I wanna go again. I also want to fire weapons, blow shit up and go into hiding, but that's my burden. And you wonder why I think it's a bad thing for boyfriends to know too much?