Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'll Defy YOUR Gravity

Like all good theatre-loving homosexuals, I do have a certain level of appreciation for all things Wicked. I know I've already spoken about how Wicked was the reason Sarah and I stuffed ourselves in the Echo for the worlds fastest roadtrip down to Melbourne a few years ago to see the show, and I'm pretty sure I mentioned that Ben and I went earlier this year. And the fact that I MAY have dressed as Elphaba for Halloween. Now, it's not my FAVOURITE musical of all time, but clearly, I'm a fan.

So when the Parkhill kids decided we needed to see it before it closed in Sydney, naturally, I was onboard. Especially because, you know, I didn't want my final Wicked experience to have been tainted by who it was with. And seeing it again with Sarah kind of felt like getting the band back together after we'd had such an amazing time the first time. So that was great. Seeing it the third time was marvelous, even if I DID make a complete dick of myself (let's face it- when DON'T I) when I whispered loudly to Sarah "OH! Ruby Slippers! Just like the MOVIE!!!!!". Since we last saw the show, this has become an inside joke between us due to the retards that had been sitting behind us the first time that clearly had NO idea what Wicked was about and felt the need to point out EVERY connection to the Wizard of Oz as it happened. It was cute. Sadly, the inside joke between Sarah and myself was lost on a theatre full of people, who have now all walked away thinking I was every bit as stupid as the people WE were sitting behind. The moral of the story? Don't talk in the theatre. You're going to look stupid. Anyway, I figure that was it. Three times the charm.

Then, my new friend from Melbourne, Dave, randomly suggests he fly up and we see it one Tuesday night. Now, you know I'm a total sucker for spontaneous fun, meeting new people AND musical theatre, so naturally, I was in. Drove to Sydney, saw the show, had a blast. Although I gotta say, the woman playing the lead that night? Not so great. Which was unfortunate for Dave, who was really holding out to see Jemma Rix again (the Primary Elphaba, and a bucket of talent) but which inspired the NEXT part of the Wicked adventure. Obviously, because he didn't want to miss her completely, the only sensible option was to go and see it AGAIN a few days later, for the shows final performance in Sydney!

If you're counting, we're up to five times now for me. Which sounds impressive, until I mention that it would have been his ELEVENTH. I'm slightly jealous. Anyway, because the universe likes to be a dick sometimes, Daves flight was cancelled, which sucks for him because the show was AMAZING, but the biggest highlight of the entire thing??? I bumped into Jemma Rix in the parking station at the end of the night after the show. It was lucky she still had green paint around her ears, or I'd NEVER have recognised her, but still, it was awesome. And because I'm a fabulous individual, I made her sign a program with a personalised message for Dave. Not to rub it in or anything...

Anyway, now the show's finished in Sydney, and I've seen it five times. And it sounds stupid, but I REALLY want to see it again- especially because I can't handle the fact I've seen it FIVE times. That's an odd number. And that bugs the crap out of me. So I NEED to see it again. Bring on Brisbane.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Parkhill: Still Kickin'

You know, I've bragged about how awesome my friends are on SEVERAL occasions. Because let's face it. They are. But I haven't had much to say on the subject recently, and this isn't because they've grown less interesting, it's just because, well, I'm a self-absorbed tit. But despite that, my friends are truly the greatest people known to man. I used to assume that everyone thought that about their friends, but, you know, I've realised since that ISN'T always the case (sometimes a persons friends are so boring, even THEY can smell the beige) but thankfully, thats an accusation that can never be levelled at Parkhill. I mean, shit. We were at a red carpet event, fuckdammit!
And weep that YOU'RE not included. I love almost EVERY person in this picture. Some of them I don't actually know. They were introduced to freshen up the cast for ratings, I assume. I'm guessing they didn't makr it past sweeps though. Awkward for them...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I wish *I* was a mermaid...

Yes. In this particular story, I'm Ariel. Despite the obvious resemblance to Flounder. Piss off.

Also, I love this musical, if only for this song. It's so fun!