Monday, November 29, 2010

Romance. A lost art.

Ok, so we ALL know I have issues when it comes to romance, and REALLY tend not to be the best at responding to "I love you". We could sit around for hours trying to figure out why that is, dissecting my inner psyche and diagnosing me with an ever-expanding list of eccentricities, OR, we can accept it as all part of the wonderfully quirky landscape that comes together neatly to make me me. I choose that one. But anyway, I was trying to figure out the PERFECT response, because let's face it, sometimes it does come out of nowhere, and thinking on my feet always seems to get me in trouble (And would probably make me respond with "Yeah, I love your mum. Real good") I found the three GREATEST responses when someone says "I love you". If I'm cool enough to go with ANY of these, I'll need some sort of medal or something. For winning at life.


(Ok, so the video didn't include the "I love you", but we get the picture. There's a reason she won an Oscar for this.)


(If you're in a hurry, jump to 3:20 to see the important bit. Otherwise kick back and treat yourself to one of my favourite Doctor Who clips ever. If you don't tear up, you're dead inside. We probably shouldn't stay friends)


(Honestly, if this doesn't make you want to have Harrison Fords babies, you're lying. As arrogant as it sounds, this is the perfect response. PERFECT. If I'm ever dating anyone nerdy enough to get this reference, my life WILL be complete.)

And just because I love me some Star Wars:

I love you.

Friday, November 26, 2010

My music doesn't ALWAYS suck!

See! Proof that my musical tastes aren't ALWAYS as predictable as people assume they are (musical theatre and Cher notwithstanding), I decided to share a song that I've been listening the HELL out of lately! I think this buys me cool points, if you're that way inclined. Personally, I'm not. But you might be. And if so, you're welcome. And consider yourself lucky it's not the new Cher song. Ah, Burlesque. It's like someone took a movie directly from my brain. But I digress.

Hello, Lovers!

Actually, turns out, living with your parents and maintaining an award winning blog are two VERY difficult things to maintain at the same time, and because a house was SLIGHTLY more important than keeping you updated on the various eccentricities of my everyday life, this place suffered. Which is a shame, because I love keeping this thing. It's the one place I can unleash all my crazy without a therapist trying to medicate me. (Actually, thats a lie. I've been to a bunch of therapists, and not ONE has offered me the meds I've been craving. It's ridiculous)
So, as was always the plan, I've flown the coop again, and finally set myself up in the new house, but as could only be expected, the internet took six and a half years to connect. Which is frustrating, but there you have it. And on that note, I'm back, baby.

Now, I COULD get bogged down in recapping the last few months of my live, but you know me. I'm not one to get weighed down talking about myself, so let's just imagine one of those huge title cards flashed up on the screen on the Parkhill TV show...

And here we are. New house. New love interests. New characters. New season.

Parkhill is still going strong, and I'm back to do my bit by chronicling it. Well. Chronicling my bits. Cos I'm selfish like that. Selfish like awesome.