Saturday, January 31, 2009

Week 2- Literary Legacy

Mission Two: Invent a Word
Status: Ongoing

I don't know if you've ever tried to invent a word, but it's a lot more difficult than it sounds. I've been struggling with it all week, with varying levels of failure. I figured it would be such a simple task- create a word that would easily slip into common usage and forever symbolise a major contribution I had made to the English language. I mean, I make up words all the time when I'm playing Scrabble, so how hard could it be? Very.

Here is a list of things I've been tossing around.

  • Flirk
  • Poimp
  • Skwarq
  • Jombo
  • Chertastic
  • Bookshelf
  • Pwnguin
As much as it pains me to admit it, I think the best I'm going to come up with, is Pornguin. The definition? A sexy penguin. Like this.

Lets never mention this weeks task again...

NWWBY09 #1- Get Yo Wine On

Mission One: Go Wine Tasting.
Status: Accomplished
As you can see here, the day was a smashing success. A success in that we mostly ended up smashed. Except Sarah. We went to several vineyards, including one owned by Sarahs cousin (Which I mainly remember not for the wine, but for the mirror hanging on the wall, in which I looked AMAZING) and Bimbadgen Estate, makers of my favourite wine of all time (Although last night I learned, consuming an ENTIRE bottle of it by yourself? Not the smartest move...)

Simon and I, being the incredibly manly men that we are, even managed to barbeque lunch for the girls. I told you I oozed testosterone. It takes a REAL man to BBQ Tofu.

And in one of the more random moments of the day, we found some giant pickup sticks in a field. Naturally, we attempted to play with them.

Oh, and I tend to wear a lot of pink. Notice the awesome pink shoes? How do you like me now...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A small problem

I have a difficulty. When updating this blog, I'm never certain what kind of tone I should aim for. Should I talk incessently about my life, and my deepest darkest thoughts and feelings, psychoanalyzing myself ad nauseum and exposing all my quirky neurosis for all the internet to see? Or should I stick to quirky posts about Kylie Minogue lyrics and the story about how I almost beat up Miley Cyrus? (That's a GREAT story, by the way, I WILL have to tell it soon...)

I tend to bounce back and forwards, and try to keep a bit of a balance, because that feels like the more entertaining option, and I keep a journal for all the other "juicy" stuff (My god- the secrets that have been spilled in THAT thing...) so it always feels like I'm repeating myself if I rewrite anything.

I bought new shoes today- a pair of Pink Converse Allstars- they look great, although, because I'm an idiot, I bought the only size they had, which was a 9, despite KNOWING that my purple ones are too small for my foot, and they're exactly the same. Fool.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Drama Llama Alert!

Well. That was a short lived relationship. Sigh. Still, I suppose "Um, babe, I kind of made out with someone in Sydney" does tend to make the fire go out of any relationship, so really, what can we expect?
I wish I was going to the Vineyards with the gang tomorrow instead of Sunday. Maybe I should just stay home tomorrow and get nice and drunk. :-(

Monday, January 19, 2009

My Disco Doesn't Want Me!

It's a fact, universally acknowledged, that Your Disco Needs You is the greatest Kylie Minogue song ever written. Actually, possibly not just Kylie song, but greatest song of all time. But that's for history to decide, not me. It's certainly MY favourite, and at the end of the day, what else matters?
However! I was listening to it in the car tonight, singing away like always, when I realised I have ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING IDEA what she's saying! And I don't just mean in the French bit- I mean the whole damn song! It never occurred to me before, but about 80% of the song is just an amalgamated blur of words, involving scrabble, asses and war. Not content to remain uninformed forever, I hit the interwebs this afternoon to get to the bottom of it, and was kinda suprised. Now I know the words she's singing, but I still have no idea what she's talking about.

We're sold on vanity, but that's so see through
take your body to the floor, your disco needs you
from Soho to Singapore
from the mainland to the shore

WTF, Mis Minogue? Ah, but who cares? I still love the crazy bitch more than my luggage, and it's still the greatest song ever recorded. Even if it makes no sense.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

NWWBW 09 or 2009: Year of Bones

It occurs to me that we're 18 days in to 2009 and already I've chalked up a bunch of wacky new experiences and adventures that make me a slightly more interesting, enriched person. Lets see, in the last eighteen days, I've:
  • Woken up next to a woman
  • Driven around Sydney unaccompanied
  • Danced on a stage in a public place
  • Sung on Singstar with Sarah
  • Stayed at a club till it was light outside
  • Been attacked by a pufferfish
  • Made several awesome new friends
And I realised, I like stepping outside my comfort zone. So, in the spirit of No Week Will Be Wasted 09, I've purchased myself a fancy new "week to a page" diary and am trying to think of 52 awesome experiences, one for each week, and challenging myself to accomplish each and every one. So far, entries range from "Be photographed in a tree", "Order something from a restaurant you've never tried before", "Invent a word" and "Write someone a letter and post it".
Nothing outrageous, but still, things that I normally wouldn't have done, but which may provide some entertainment, not just for me but for the people around me.

And naturally, I'll try to post my progress here, unless it becomes a spectacular failure, then we can all just pretend it never happened... Oh, and any suggestions, feel free to throw them my way- Fifty is a lot more exciting, realistic activities than it sounds...