Wednesday, December 31, 2008

NYE Megamix

Because who DOESN'T want to know want Bones is listening to tonight? And if you don't want to know, fuck off. It's my blog. :p

So, I just created the greatest CD in the history of the universe for tonights shenanigans. Lets look.

1. Cool Rider- Michelle Pfeiffer
Oh yeah, baby! What better way to see in the new year than with this, possibly one of the greatest songs EVER WRITTEN? If you can think of a better way, I'd like to hear it. And besides, this song is a tribute to Sarah's and my friendship, so, you know, sentimental as well!

2. Your Disco Needs You- Kylie Minogue
My favourite Kylie song ever. No megamix is complete without it.

3. Hot N Cold- Katy Perry
Fun enough- earnt a spot by being a boppy number that gets my toes tapping.

4. On a Night Like This- Kylie Minogue
What kind of homo would I be if I didn't listen to THIS song on New Years Eve? A rubbish one. Or Beau. :p

5. Can't Shake It- Kate Miller-Heidke
I figure the people that hate my music will be just about ready to kill themselves by this stage, I decided a compromise was in order. KMH is one such compromise.

6. So Much Better- Legally Blonde: The Musical
Because FUCK YOU, that's why. And this song describes my emotional state for a good portion of this year.

7. So What- P!nk
Bitch can groove, and I dig that!

8. Excuse My French- Kylie Minogue
Well, not actually Kylie. I thought it was for ages though, and I like it.

9. When The Moneys Gone- Cher
Oh yeah, the gay doesn't stop with musicals and Kylie- we've got Holy St Cher on here as well! This is one of the most romantic songs I've ever heard, and it gets me dancing like you wouldn't believe!

10. Part of Your World- Little Mermaid (Dance Version)
Well, if we're having Disney Singstar at this party, it makes a certain amount of sense, wouldn't you agree?

11. In Your Eyes- Kylie Minogue
Do I even need to explain the Kylie ones anymore?

12. Common People- William Shatner
Another one to keep the less musically inclined audience happy...

13. Womanizer- Britney Spears
Its my CD, and I'll have Brit if I want to. And you've gotta admit, it's a cool song.

14. Like a Drug- Kylie Minogue
One of the more awesome songs performed at X (I wish ALL of my entrances involved riding a giant skull)

15. Strong Enough- Cher
One of the divas greatests, but another symbolic one based on my headspace in 08

16. Speakerphone- Kylie Minogue
Another concert related Kylie number.

17. Holding out for a Hero- Jennifer Saunders
Anyone that has ever heard this song will already know why it was chosen. Because it is pure, undiluted AWESOMESAUCE!

18. Love at First Sight- Kylie Minogue
Radness of her magnitude need not be explained.

19. Mamma Mia!- Abba
Well, it's a camp little thing... like me :p

20. If I Could Turn Back Time- Cher
Seemed like an appropriate New Years Eve song.

21. Better The Devil You Know- Kylie Minogue
Another sentimental one for Sarah, after her kickass karaoke performance (regular readers may remember the video!)

So there you have it- possibly the greatest mixed CD in the history of, well, today at least! Anyone want a copy? ;)

Time Travel

So it's New Years Eve, and, as I'm sure happens to all normal people, my thoughts have turned to time travel. Not crazy, sci-fi "Oh Shit- a caveman!" time travel, just the more sedate kind. You know, jumping forward a few years along your personal timeline to have a nosy around and see how things are going.
I used to think it would be awful, knowing exactly how things were going to turn out, with no ability to change anything, but now, I think it would be kinda rad.
What kickstarted all of this thinking was my own feeble attempt at contacting myself through the mists of time and writing myself a series of letters earlier in the year, to be opened at certain times, just as a bit of an experiment in seeing how it felt, receiving these messages that had been created in a completely different point in my life. It was interesting, to say the least, reading something from 8 months ago addressed to me, but all it really told me that, whilst well meaning, my past self was kinda naive, and caught up in his own shit.
And anyway, all this led me to think, the perfect way to see the future would be to access your facebook from five years in the future! How great would that be! You could look at your page, get almost a cliff notes overview on how things had progressed, and leave it at that! You could see where you worked, how you looked, who you were still friends with, wether you were in a relationship- all the good stuff, but without ruining everything for yourself.
It would be like, during season one of Buffy, someone saying to you, "Yeah, in the final episode, Buffy and Angel have a really nice moment, Xander has one eye, Willow and Kennedy are together and they manage to save the world."
Nothing is totally spoilt, and the things it told you wouldn't even make a great deal of sense, but it would still be kinda fun.

So, I think I'll make my New Years Resolution to travel in time. Happy New Years!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

All that hype...

So, now that Christmas is over for another year, I'm left with that feeling of having gotten ridiculously excited over nothing again! Not to say the day itself wasn't awesome- it really, really was, it's just that, you know, I was pimping my Christmas cheer for a month, and then, in 24 hours, BAM! It's done! Oh well, I wonder when I can start getting excited about next year?

The run down on what happened this year though? Christmas Eve night, I was ironically almost killed by a copy of Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol" when I dropped it on my face whilst reading in bed.

Was woken at six by my hyperactive mother- the person that gets MOST excited about Christmas on the face of the planet. Attempted to get Yoshie to attack her so I could get some more sleep, but he failed...

Traded presents- was spoilt like you wouldn't believe. Thinking this was the families attempt at distracting me from the fact that it was the first Christmas without Michael (who I saw on Christmas Eve at Westfield. Whilst I was wearing a mothertrukking Elf hat. Goddammit) My mother outdid herself this year, gifts including a digital camera, Darling perfume, Fuel by Diesel, Pushing Daisies on DVD (Winning the ZOMG! prize) and a bunch of other stuff.

Saw Daylan and traded presents, giving me a "WONDER TWINS! ACTIVATE" oppurtunity that was completely lost on him, but fully appreciated by Simon when I retold it.

Finished the night with drinks at Damien and Adams house, where I managed to move beyond "no no, I'll only have a few" to my usual trashy, drunken idiot self in just under a bottle of wine. Not my proudest moment, but shouldn't all Boxing Days start with having to lick the inside of your mouth to check if you threw up, due to drunken amnesia?

So all in all, a fantastic christmas that managed to stay fabulous all the way until now! Thanks to everyone that played a part, and I hope everyone that reads this had as amazing a christmas as i did!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Full of fail

People who know me well know that one of my major pet peeves is people wearing Superhero shirts without having even the most basic understanding of who it is they're promoting. You know the ones I mean- the teenyboppers sporting Aquaman shirts, or Green Lantern symbols, or even in a few instances, the cheesy grin of Captain Marvel. I know it's a petty concern, but as someone that devotes an ungodly amount of time and energy into these characters and their stories and mythologies, it pisses me off.

Imagine how I must have felt then, today, when a girl came in to work wearing a shirt that said "Anything Boys can do, Girls can do Better!!!" with the smiling images of Wonder Woman, Batgirl (The Barbara Gordon version) and Supergirl (Pre crisis, of course). Now, the sentiment of the shirt isn't the problem. Actually, it's admirable enough, and I applaud it. But could it have picked worse characters to attempt to make its point?

We're comparing Barbara Gordon to Bruce Waynes Batman, are we? Really? Now, don't get me wrong- I love Babs. A lot. Batgirl: Year One was one of the most enjoyable comic stories I've ever read. I think she's one of the better female characters on the market. But better, or as good as Batman? Barbara Gordon? Remember this?

Batman RIP aside, Bruce is still fighting crime dressed as a bat, while Babs was shot and crippled by the Joker in The Killing Joke.

And Supergirl? I admit, I don't know a great deal about the Pre Crisis Supergirl, apart from the fact that she fell in love with a Super Horse at some stage (WTF, silver age. WTF?), but if we're saying she was as good, if not better than Superman, should we take a look at one of the most iconic comic book images of all time?
Killed in Crisis on Infinite Earths. I know Superman died as well one time, but at least he got better!

So, in my incredulity, I felt the need to point this out to said customer, by way of laughing and asking if she knew why her shirt was hilariously stupid. When she said no, I laughed and said "Well, WW is ok, but Batgirl was shot and crippled, and that Supergirl has been dead for 20 years. It's really not proving your point at all!"

She got all pissy and defensive, and her friend pointed out Batman had his back broken as well. So I rolled my eyes and said yeah, he did- further proving Batmans superiority- he cured himself of a broken back!

Now, it's possible this opens up a whole new can of worms about comic book misogyny and the treatment of female characters in the genre, and maybe there should be some sensible discussion about the comparison between male and female characters, i admit. Would probably be all sorts of interesting to read. But here is not the place. I just want to vent, because, hell, lady- your stupid shirt is full of fail.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

NPH is my hero.

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

Jack Black was born to play Jesus.

"The Bible says a lot of things". LOL

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tingly feelings all over

I was talking to a lady today, about tarot decks, when she stops midsentence, looks at me, and says "I can read auras, you know, and you have a very nice aura." Which I've always suspected about myself, but anyway, she continued to rave about my attractive aura, until she asked me if I felt tingly. When I asked her what the heck she meant, she told me that she always feels tingly around other psychically gifted people, and was I the same?

To which I lied and said yes, because it made me sound cool. I hope my sexy aura didn't tell her I was lying...