Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tis The Season...again.

What's better than my favourite Christmas Carol in the whole world? That's right. The Muppets, performing my favourite Christmas Carol in the whole world. Carol of the Bells, which, until recently, I knew as "You know! That one from Home Alone 2 that goes Dunn Dunndunndunn!" (not surprisingly, not many people knew it...). I learnt the name of it last week, and haven't stopped humming it since. Christmas is fun like that. 

I find that now I'm not in retail anymore, I'm able to enjoy Christmas a lot more again, which is good. A retail christmas truly is a horrendous experience, and that scarred me for a little while, but at heart, it's a time of year that I really do enjoy, mostly because it just promotes fabulousness as a way of life. Glitter, twinkling lights, singing, snow machines- there's really not much to dislike about this time of year. (except for customers. man, those guys are dicks).

I love that I have an excuse to watch cheesy Christmas movies (so far this year, I've crossed off The Grinch, Nightmare Before Christmas, Muppets Family Christmas, Muppets Letter to Santa, and The Doctor Who special A Christmas Carol... and we've still got two weeks before the big day!) which I avoid like the bubonic plague from January to November. I love that I have an excuse to wish people "Merry Christmas" and not risk being locked away somewhere. And I love that, for one month of the year, even someone as bitter and cynical as me gets to look on the bright side of life and find new reasons to appreciate the people around me. Ah, Christmas! It's weird- obviously all the religious connotations of the event are lost on me (you know... because I'm sane) but I still think it truly is spectacular. I blame all the Christmas Specials I've overdosed on over the course of my life convincing me to be nice to people for a few weeks. 

It also helps that I'm really looking forward to giving presents to people this year. I've often prided myself in my ability to give awesome, thoughtful presents, but this year? I don't want to oversell it, but this year, I genuinely think I've stumbled upon my greatest triumph. There's nothing worse than giving a gift you're not one hundred percent on board with, but conversely, being able to give someone something that you know is a complete winner? And not just a winner, but possibly the greatest gift any human being has ever given another living creature? Now THATS what Christmas is all about. Well, that and drinking too much and wishing you owned a snow machine. 


Deanio said...
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Dean said...

Should we go sing this to your neighbours babe?

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