Wednesday, December 12, 2012

You know why I don't post more?

You know why I don't post more? You know, apart from the fact I don't think anybody actually reads this? It's because sometimes, the almost Herculean effort required to actually log in to this damn site to post whatever inane ramblings are currently trying to tumble clear out of my brain just doesn't seem worth it!

I am, primarily, a lazy person, so the fact I go to any effort at all is a feat in and of itself. But throw up even the tiniest road block (like a forgotten password, or a slower than usual internet connection that seems to continually plague me whenever the mood strikes me to churn out a post) and I'm ready to give up faster than...well... shit. See, I'm too lazy to even properly finish that amusing metaphor. 

And sure. A smarter person may well decide to keep a well-placed post-it note listing passwords and login details, but please. See above re: lazy. And stop being so damn judgemental. 


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